Function: Logistics, Freight Management, Project Coordination & General Support
Reports to: Finance Director
Type: Full time, experienced
Location: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Telecommunications, Clean technology
Travel Required: up to 10%                                       

Job Description:

The LOM is responsible for the end to end operational logistics of the supply chain. Liaison with 3rd Party equipment manufacturers and suppliers, coordination of JIT deliveries cost saving solutions for on time deliveries. Input, tracking and reporting of end to end logistics process internally and with Channel Partners.

This is split into these functions;

Logistics: Ordering and inventory management of the System from Channel Partners and 3rd parties.

Project Management: Channel Partner interface for logistic activities. Management of logistic chain, end to end process improvement and reporting.

Cost and Progress: Invoice and PO approval and creation for 3rd party suppliers. Cost planning and management, budget and forecasting

Recruiting Requirements

Background: Manufacture Logistics and Shipping experience. Project Management experience of 3rd Party suppliers and Channel Partners interface.

  • Minimum 5 years relevant experience in a related field.
  • Experienced in understanding and managing International Logistic Chains including Freight Forwarders.

Education: Degree Qualified in related field preferred.


  • High pressure environment
  • Prepared to work additional hours on site if required
  • Office based 95%

Employment Duration: Full Time.

Work Location: Dubai, UAE

Roles and Responsibilities

Main Roles

Main Responsibilities

Report To

-      Project Organization -        Ensure that the regional 3rd Party logistic suppliers are capable of meeting the targets and within the budget

-        Define Project Plan preparation co-ordination


-      Regional Organization -        Ensure Channel Partners are competent and have correct training and contingency plans in place.

-        Cost Control management for Channel Partners invoice payment

-        Raise “Red flags” on endangered milestones and have plans and options in place to rectify



-      Progress -        Ensure that accurate and updated Logistic reporting is in place

-        Weekly review, with CTO, COO, CFO, of targets and progress achieved for Logistics in the regions

-        Makes the “Decision to Improve” based on recommendations

-        Propose / approve action plans for remedial actions as required

-        Ensure/prepare and send out weekly Logistic Reports

-        Ensure/prepare and send out weekly equipment orders

-        Ensure that 3rd party reporting is accurate

-        Ensure/prepare daily review of progress achieved and targets

-        Ensure/propose/approve action plans for remedial actions as required

-        Ensure that reporting online tools and data is accurate for Daily and Weekly Reports

-        Ensure that all reporting documents are in Drop box

-        Ensure process in place and working for;

-        Delivery

-        Freight Forwarding

-        Performance by Channel Partners/3rd Parties

-        Invoice/PO

-        Quality





-      Cost Control -        Ensure and verify 3rd party/Channel Partners extra cost request

-        Ensure and keep Extra cost records up-dated & verify that extra costs are required

-        Ensure and check and recommend 3rd Party/Channel Partners Extra Cost Requests

-        Ensure and prepare Extra Cost Request to Channel Partners and Internal


-      CHANNEL PARTNERS Interfaces -        Attend CHANNEL PARTNERS Logistic meeting if required

-        Attend CHANNEL PARTNERS Technical Conference call meeting when necessary

-        Attend CHANNEL PARTNERS progress meetings conference calls

-        Attend CHANNEL PARTNERS Market’s Kick-off meetings

-        Report to CHANNEL PARTNERS about Logistic progress and forecast to the Completion

-        Address any problems with CHANNEL PARTNERS Logistics and keep CPS Team informed

-        Keep minutes of all meetings and action plans



-      Reports -        Monthly Logistic Progress Report

-        Risk assessment & risk analysis for Logistics/costs and progress

-        Produce Daily Report where needed

-        Produce Weekly logistic Reports

-        Ensure Channel Partners/VAR create RMA’s

-        Produce Weekly Inventory Reports





-      Internal Meetings -        Monthly Internal meetings

-        Start up meeting

-        Target Discussions

-        Participate in Monthly internal meetings

-        Participate in Weekly internal project controls meeting

-        Participate in Target Discussions





-      Channel Partners Management -        Ensure Channel Partners are using agreed processes

-        Identify Channel Partners capacity and inform COO about possible shortages

-        Ensure that Channel Partners have competent Logistics interface

-        Guide and advise Channel Partners about Logistic changes and processes

-        Keep Channel Partners within logistics process